Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Deconstruction In Art

Above are some images I found when searching for 'deconstruction' on Pinterest. The ballerina is part of the 'Deconstructed Series' by sculptor Regardt van der Meueln, and the butterfly part of artist Anne Ten Donkelaar's 'Broken Butterflies' project. I was unable to find the credit for the make-up but I found the way it sculpted and mapped out the model's face really interesting to look at.

Anne Ten Donkelaar had a collection of butterflies with broken wings and bodies that she decided to repair according to its needs. The butterfly pictured above ('The Tread Tensioner') has had the construction of it's wings recreated with thread and pins, outlining the veins and allowing us to see more clearly the different sections that make up the butterfly's wing. This can relate to the deconstruction of a garment, as different pieces are made up to create the item of clothing also.

Regardt van der Meueln's work is slightly less relevant, as it was inspired by the decaying of human life, and the series is a metaphor for "not only the vulnerability of one's physical body but also one's emotional and mental state". The sculpture displays a different meaning to the term 'deconstruction' but is thought provoking none the less.

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