Monday, 4 May 2015


Looking back at this project through the past five months I have learnt a lot about the construction and deconstruction of garments. So much more goes into a garment than meets the eye.

I found it particularly fascinating how many separate pieces go into the structure, and why garments are priced so differently depending on the brand, material and features. I really enjoyed actually taking my garments apart and working out how they can be put back together again.

I feel like I am a lot more educated now about how clothes are made compared to before I started this project. I now appreciate why more expensive garments are priced so - the craftsmanship and materials used are far superior to cheaply made clothes that will not last in the same way.

I also have a greater understanding of the wide array of available pockets and fastenings that can appear on garments and how the smallest changes can affect the overall look.

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